sunset #fx (at Joshua Tree National Park)

Coachella Valley from Keys View (at Joshua Tree National Park)

Joshua Tree evening blue sky beauty (at Black Rock Campground)

Ace Hotel azure (at Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angeles)

coming in to LAX, rakishly.

Lena River aerial view #infoviz

monarch moment (at Rio Grande Botanic Garden)

hot hot hot! #chiles #newmexico (at Farmers Market)

infinite tequila tunnel (at El Pinto Restaurant & Cantina)

hello, Albuquerque! (at ABQ International Airport)

you know you have rad coworkers when… (at Engadget HQ)

sensible signs


just noticed this sophisticated panel in our fancy SF office. This may be how the robots are controlled (at Engadget HQ)

coming in over PDX